We are looking for freelance contractoprs to join our expanding network of Assemblers, to service our incresing demand.

If you have experience putting things together and want more work, or have a trade business an looking for extra, smaller jobs to fill in the gaps, then we recommend having a no pressure conversation with us.

No joining costs, no onerous contracts ... we just want good Assemblers to deliver quality service to our customers.

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Residential Services

You can rely on us for a professional, quality and stress-free flatpack assembly in your own home. Assembling a large  range of flatpack products such as Garden sheds, Trampolines, Beds, Wardrobes, Bikes and much more.

Commercial Services

If your commercial project requires specialist flatpack assembly, feel free to get in touch. Flatpack Assembly Services has the largest independent team of service technicians to help you complete your project at speed. Time is money with any commercial development and therefore, we have your priorities in mind.
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