The Best Furniture That’s Perfect for Small Spaces

Trolley with Shoes

With space becoming more of a premium, especially in cities, living in a small home or apartment has become the practical choice for many. Living in such a small space doesn’t mean you are limited in furniture, though. With the right pieces, you can make even a tiny room feel cosy.

So, how does one choose furniture for a small space? The key is finding pieces that allow for flexibility and provide multiple uses. Here are some of the best products for small space living.

Extendable table

Extendable tables are a must for any small living space. These tables can comfortably accommodate four or five guests when fully extended and fold down quickly to be set aside when not in use. When shopping for an extendable table, pick one that is made of lightweight wood, metal, or plastic material to make it easy to store or transport.

Drop-leaf table

If extendable tables are still a bit too big, drop-leaf tables are a good alternative option. As its name implies, a drop leaf-table has detached edges that fold up and down. This flexibility allows drop-leaf tables to serve as a full dining table or as a small console table or workspace.

Nesting table

If one table is not enough in your home or apartment, a set of nesting tables can provide multiple work surfaces while only taking up the space of one. These tables are often stacked on top of the other, while other models can slide out for easy access and storage.

Vertical shelves

If the horizontal space of the room is a problem, why not take advantage of its vertical space? A tall bookcase takes up only a small portion of floor space, but it provides several feet of storage. Bookshelves aren’t just limited to books, either. You can also use these shelves to organize decorations, small- to medium-sized gadgets, or even serve as a minibar.


Unless you are quite tall, stepladders are a great way to maximize vertical storage spaces even more. Be sure to choose an easily collapsible model or one that you can hang on a wall for storage. Some stepladders can even fold into a makeshift chair for more functional space.

Hanging storage

Hanging pouches are a common sight in bathrooms, but they can also be useful in utility cabinets for easy access to cleaning supplies. Consider stowing one in the closet where it can hold seasonal clothing items such as mittens, gloves, or thick scarves.

Rolling cart

Another essential item for small living spaces, a rolling utility cart can serve as a nightstand, bathroom organizer, book storage, or as a liquor cabinet. Be sure to pick one that’s sturdy enough to hold objects of various weights.

Stackable bed

If you find yourself having guests stay overnight, the couch simply will not do. Stackable beds take up the space of one, but when unstacked, can be slid out to the side for additional sleeping space. The second bed on some stackable options is also detachable so that it can be moved from one room to another with ease.

Storage benches

Aside from being ideal for putting your feet up, storage benches and ottomans provide a bit of subtle storage space. You can stash bedsheets, blankets and other items you don’t need to use daily inside. Larger benches with wooden tops can even take the place of a standard coffee table.

C-stand side table

Even a slim side table can feel cramped in a small room, but a c-stand table can be tucked in close to a bed or sofa without taking up much space. The extra surface area can also serve as an additional space for a small flower vase or other types of decorative accents.

Corner desk

Corners are often the most under-utilized spaces in small rooms, but a corner desk can put such space to good use. It can serve as a platform for a lamp or as a small workspace. Ideally, these desks are best for living spaces or bedrooms, but they can also be handy for the kitchen or bathroom where they can hold items such as paper towels or shampoo bottles.

Clothing rack

If there’s not enough space in your closet, a clothing rack can help. A stylish rack outside of your closet is also an option to show off your favourite clothing items as an art piece or even as a conversation starter.

Wall-mounted kitchen racks

If there is not enough kitchen space to hold all your pots and pans, a compact kitchen rail can do in a pinch. Choose a model that provides more than six pot hooks where you can place your most frequently used cookware. Hanging racks with a shelf on top are also handy for storing smaller items such as pans or lids.

Wall-mounted shoe racks

A sizable shoe collection can quickly take up much-needed space, but you can fix that issue with ease by using a wall-mounted storage rack. Racks seven inches deep are ideal as they can provide enough space to store most shoes but are small enough to be hung in cramped spaces. You can also place more items on top of the storage rack to create flexible storage combinations.

While in most cases you can’t make a small space bigger, you can certainly make it seem bigger with these easy tips!