Sprocket - Australian Retail Partner

Approaching technology and design in a fresh and innovative way, Sprocket sets out to develop and manufacture a wide range of information delivery and interactive technology solutions.  Their skilled and dedicated team are anchored by knowledge in engineering, industrial and software design, providing the ability to supply customers with the highest quality products in the market.  Sprocket has developed tablet enclosures, building directories and kiosks to create new ways for customers to engage with exciting technology.  Their products can be seen in retail, banking, hospitality sectors, galleries, museums and more.  If your business is looking for forward-thinking design, that can put your customers’ experience ahead of others, Sprocket is the place to go.

As for putting the product together and installing it, that's where we come in - your official service partner with Sprocket, providing you with an excellent end-to-end, stress-free experience.  Get in touch today to discuss the assembly of your Sprocket products.