Spanbilt - Australian Retail Partner

At Spanbilt, "the core of their business is a key focus to make each customer's experience, one that is memorable, for all the right reasons."  

This is why Flatpack Assembly Services and Spanbilt align so nicely together, delivering an end-to-end, memorable customer experience. As a proud service partner for Spanbilt, we assemble all sheds in their range, providing you with a hassle-free and reliable build.

Sheds can be complicated and time-consuming to assemble. Without proper knowledge and experience, sheds can also be put together unsafely.  Our Assemblers have been trained to assemble all types of sheds safely, efficiently and correctly, ensuring you get a quality build for your new shed.  To book a shed assembly today, fill out our booking form above, or call us on 1300 352 872.