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The Assembly price is based on the value of the IKEA product you have purchased.

Please select the price band for your product(s) to book your Assembly.

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To avoid any delays or price adjustments, please ensure that all components that you wish to be assembled are included on your order.

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $0 - $149

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $150 - $299

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $300 - $599

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $600 - $1,499

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $1,500 - $2,499

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $2,500 - $3,999

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $4,000 - $5,499

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $5,500 - $6,999

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $7,000 - $8,499

Value of IKEA products to be Assembled is $8,500 - $9,999

We’re proud to be an official service partner to one of the most

well-known flatpack furniture retailers, globally.  

IKEA, founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, started its journey as a small Swedish mail-order catalogue and has now grown into a global home furnishing brand that many people know and love.  Similar to Flatpack Assembly Services, IKEA have a culture built upon enthusiasm, unity and a "get-it-done" attitude.  IKEA has a mind-boggling variety of products ranging from flatpack furniture, textiles, lighting, rugs and even food - their meatballs are unbelievably delicious - if you haven't tried them yet, it's a must!

We are currently partnered with the following IKEA Australia stores, but can assemble all IKEA products in our serviced locations.

How Does IKEA Assembly Service Work?

IKEA is well-known for starting the IKEA flat pack assembly trend, offering affordable, stylish furniture that you have to assemble yourself. While some people relish the challenge of building their own pieces of furniture, others dread having to work through instructions, wondering if they screwed in Bolt D correctly.

The trend started in Washington, DC, where people paid others to follow the assembly instructions on their behalf. It quickly led to IKEA Customer Service UK offering wardrobe assemblers and other providers to help frustrated customers with their products, in the UK, Washington, DC, and even in Australia.

For people without the time or inclination for assembling IKEA furniture or performing a random IKEA installation, there is a thriving industry of furniture assembly providers who will do it all for you.

Each assembly service works differently, and you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Some services will work in conjunction with an IKEA store, assembling your IKEA products on-site and delivering the products to your home. Other assembly services come directly to your home and assemble the items while you wait.

The type of service you choose will depend on your preferences and the size of the item. Larger items are usually easier to transport as a flat pack and assemble at home. Smaller items can be assembled in-store, and then you can organise a delivery service to bring it ready-made to your door at a date and time that’s convenient.

Many furniture assemblers will offer both options to appeal to as many customers as possible. While you can hire people to do the job for you, through online services, you can also deal with more reputable providers that have paired up with IKEA for the perfect assembly options for you.

How much is IKEA Assembly Service?

Assembly pricing depends on the cost of the furniture or item you have and the service you choose. IKEA's in-house service has flat rate pricing on various values of IKEA furniture —and the price increases in stages, depending on the cost of the furniture.

Flatpack Assembly Services are more than happy to tackle any assembly orders you have, from office furniture to kitchen cabinets, bed frames, and more!

All our trusted assemblers are vetted and highly professional, so you'll feel completely at ease having them in your home.

If you've just unpacked your flatpack and are looking at the instructions in despair, give us a call. We can provide a comprehensive quote and be on our way to your home in hours.

All you need to do is relax and enjoy the feeling of having affordable, stylish furniture without all the hassles of self-assembly.