Clearlight Saunas - Australian Retail Partner

With state of the art heating technology, powerful spectrum heaters and cost-efficient output, there's no doubt Clearlight Saunas can provide their customers with the highest quality and latest technology in saunas.  At Clearlight Saunas, they aim to make it as easy as possible for customers to take control of their health - sit back, relax and let the sauna do the work for you.

Saunas have incredible health benefits due to producing the same infrared heat generated by the sun.  They can help with weight loss and increase metabolism, muscle pain relief, immune system boost, detoxification, and so much more.  This makes us want to buy a Sauna! As a proud service partner for Clearlight Saunas, we come to you, at your home or office, and put it together for you.  Saunas are large and can be very difficult to assemble, without the right knowledge and care.  Call us for a professional, stress-free solution, and you'll be enjoying your sauna in no time!