New South Wales

Marsden Park


Hi there! I’m John, your Franchisee for Marsden park.

Living in the beautiful kurrajong heights gives me access to an extended area, all the way up to the blue mountains and as far as Lithgow. My background is easy, my dad was a builder so I had the longest apprenticeship anyone could ask for, starting when I was old enough to sit in the front seat of the work ute. Now a flatpack assembler, I work beside one of my boys in my business, which gives us a greater scope of knowledge. Between us, we figure out any issues that may arise, and as he says, “if it’s in a box - we can make it”. Being a father and son team is one of the greatest highlights of my working life. When we are not working, we are chilling at home with friends and our two dogs outside, with a nice cool beverage.  As we are in the upper mountains, the temperature is slightly cooler, so sitting outside in the breeze is always a bonus after a hot days work.

Your happiness
is John's primary focus

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