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Flatpack Assembly Services is a business dedicated to taking the time, effort, and stress out of domestic and commercial furniture assembly.  Our basic flatpack furniture assembly also extends to garden sheds, small cabins, sporting and fitness equipment, animal shelters, greenhouses, playground equipment, trampolines - an ever expanding list of items which come in flatpack form.  Quite simply… if it needs putting together, and you need a hand, then we're your people!

Most of our customers choose us because either they are time poor, or the job is technical, complicated or heavy.  Whatever the reason for choosing our service, customers appreciate our experience will get the job done far quicker than they would be able to, saving them hours (or days!) of frustration.

Our Assemblers are owners and operators, sharing our pride in the excellent reputation we’ve achieved through great service.  When you're talking with an Assembler, you’re talking with the boss!

We currently have an increasing network of Assemblers throughout New Zealand and Australia, with plans to launch into other countries steadily developing.  Check out the COUNTRIES menu above, to find an Assembler near you.

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