12 Interior Design Trends We’ll See In 2020

Living Room with Textured Ceiling

2020 isn’t just a new year—it’s also a new decade. So, what better time to redecorate your home? Even something as basic as a new art piece or a different paint colour on the walls can refresh the look of your humble abode. If you want to make a statement, though, you could try looking into the top home decor trends of 2020.

If there’s one thing experts agree on, it’s that 2020 will see more flexible interior design trends. We’ve compiled some of the latest trends expected to make a splash this decade.

1. Off-Trend Becomes the In Trend

Looking for a break from the same boring styles? 2020 might just be your year. According to many interior designers, unique furnishings made of artisanal, eccentric materials will take centre stage in the coming decade.

It’s not just about the uniqueness, either. Studies have shown that modern homes reflect the personalities of their owners and how they tell their unique stories. Experts have also emphasized the importance of personal happiness in choosing a design compared to following the trends in magazines or on social media.

2. Blue is the Hottest Colour

Pantone made the news recently by its announcement of Classic Blue as the Colour of the Year in 2020. Blue is said to emphasize cleanliness and elegance while at the same time evoke an uplifting mood to living areas, kitchens, and other types of spaces. It also has the advantage of being one of the easiest colours to coordinate with.

While blue does match with any type of room, the kitchen is one of the first places to start using it. Blue cabinets and counters, for example, can make exposed brick walls and wooden floors pop.

3. Warm is the New Neutral

Neutral colours are expected to fade from popularity in exchange for warmer hues and more saturated tones. That’s not limited to walls either—furniture and floor tiles can also take advantage of this new colour scheme. Pink, in particular, is expected to become a popular choice in 2020, particularly coral and terra cotta shades.

4. Eco-Friendly Materials

As society leans more towards more sustainable lifestyles, people are becoming more conscious of how their purchasing decisions affect the environment. This trend is now often reflected in more sensible designs, the incorporation of earthy elements into spaces, and the use of sustainably harvested materials like bamboo and rattan.

Natural elements, such as polished marble, live-edge slab wood surfaces, and plants will offer a polished version of the longstanding boho-chic trend. Rich, jewel-toned linen, mimicking the colours of natural gems will provide the perfect dash of colour.

5. Going Vintage

Retro isn’t just a top trend to pop culture – it’s also making a comeback in home decor. Interior designers suggest adding just one or two statement pieces. A few chairs with spooled legs or a classic print is enough to create that traditional look.

In addition to vintage furnishings, experts also foresee themes of patina and age to become another common sight this year. Earthenware and ceramic decorative pieces also seem set to become bestsellers in stores again, along with items made of clay and terra cotta as well as similar colour styles and textures.

6. Patterns Everywhere

Layered patterns are seeing a return, particularly in textiles, although the rules can be a bit different. Mixed patterns that blend colour with designs of varying origin and scale are the new normal, according to the pros. Pattern matching, wherein similar patterns flow from the wall to upholstered furniture, is becoming quite popular.

7. Eye-Catching Trim

Another style expected to come back in 2020 is high contrast. Sharp contrasts provide a room with a crisp, fresh appearance. The timeless black and white colour combination, especially in the form art deco styles are also all the rage again.

While it can be a challenge to execute correctly, trim and wall mouldings are excellent places to start with high contrast styles. Experts recommend using contrasting colours that result in a monotone look that matches the colours. High gloss colours can also be used to stretch out an entire wall to achieve a similar effect.

8. Wallpaper Up High

Wrapping the ceiling with patterned wallpaper is another way to add contrast. Ceilings account for a substantial space in any room but are often forgotten in interior design. Utilizing them can result in a more dramatic style. Plus, being literally out of reach, ceiling designs are unlikely to be damaged or need maintenance.

9. More Texture

Aside from colour, texture is expected to make a comeback in 2020. A rising trend is layering up various textures in exact or similar shades. This is best suited for spaces with a lot of neutrals, as it can offset the lack of colours.

For living rooms, cushions and blankets are the best ways to add texture, but with other spaces, plants and dried flowers can help achieve a similar effect.

10. Go Handmade

While Etsy has helped make handmade goods a ubiquitous sight in homes everywhere, many experts believe that the trend will continue well within the coming years. However, the focus this time will be on connections of the product to the maker. Instead of cheap, mass-produced items, people are starting to prefer things that have a unique story attached to them even at an additional cost.

11. Two-Toned Kitchens

While the signature all-white kitchens of 2019 will remain for the foreseeable future, this is expected to be gradually replaced by two-tone colours. Experts suggest a combination of two colours will result in a lightened rustic effect, especially for wood surfaces.

Black and white is often the go-to colour to start for two-tone designs, but you can also experiment with other shades. A reliable look is to use a darker colour for the lower cabinets, while the lighter shade goes on the upper shelves and cabinets. You can also pull off a similar effect with contrasting materials such as metal and wood.

12. One-of-a-Kind Rugs

Rugs in odd shapes combined with eccentric materials are also starting to become a common sight on the market and in homes across the country. Tropical prints are becoming a favourite among designers, as the patterns are said to express a vintage look while retaining a sense of modernity via green and salmon colours. Experts also recommend straying away from conventional rectangular or circular rugs for more complex shapes.

While interior decorating is all about finding your style, we hope these ten interior design trends for 2020 have given you some inspiration at the least!