7 Emerging Trends in Outdoor Furniture

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Every season, there’s a shake-up in trends for both indoor and outdoor furniture. If you’re tired of trying to scrub your old, decaying outdoor furniture every time you have guests over, why not invest in new pieces?

Take advantage of freshly emerging trends to get that perfect look before summer rolls around. We’ll break down a handful of the most common motifs in outdoor living right now.

1) Go All-In with Outdoor Seating

The concept of indoor-outdoor living has carried over from last year, and now is a good time to invest in some comfortable outdoor seating. Whether you prefer a sofa and chairs for entertaining or a daybed for relaxing, it’s time to get ambitious with your garden furniture. A couple of cheap plastic chairs just don’t cut it.

While you might need to do some minor outdoor furniture assembly, most kits comes fully put together, so you’ll be ready to go right out the box.

Upholstered outdoor furniture will be increasingly common this year. This type of furniture looks just like it belongs indoors but is tough enough to withstand the elements. Look for water-resistant materials and fabrics that can stand up to heat and staining.

It’s also essential that the seats comes with removable cushions. This will help prolong the lifespan of your furniture.

2) Accessories

That same indoor-outdoor theme makes itself felt with the types of accessories that are trending this year. Getting imaginative with accessories can help your budget stretch much further, too. You can readily enhance both the comfort and styling of your furniture without dropping a ton of cash.

For example, pillows and throws work just as well outside as indoors. You could also try a rug for covered outdoor spaces, depending on the climate. Transitional pieces like this can create the illusion of one extended living area throughout your whole home and garden.

However, remember to exercise a light touch when you’re adding accessories to your outside space. You want to avoid cluttering, so start small and add pieces in over time.


3) Bold Colours

With indoor colour schemes favoring striking hues with matching patterns, the same bold approach to colour makes its way outdoors as well. Tree prints and floral patterns are a nice touch when you’re decorating outside in the yard.

This year you should let your imagination run riot and get audacious with your choice of colours and patterns. Since much outdoor furniture is strictly utilitarian, a carefully-used pattern can really shake things up.

Whether you want to pick up some brightly patterned cushions or some throws for the new outdoor sofa, try peppering your garden with more colour than ever this year.


4) Unusual Materials

If you’ve never really gotten involved with garden furniture before, maybe the sight of all that cheap plastic put you off. Sure, plastic furniture serves its function while also sidestepping any issues of outdoor furniture assembly, but rarely is it eye-catching stuff.

Try introducing mixed materials to your outside décor, from wood to wicker to metal, used in creative combinations to produce attractive textures. Using the modular approach, when you want to refresh your décor, you can just replace individual accent pieces instead of buying new furniture.

5) Fire Pit as Centrepiece

One of the obvious benefits of having a decent garden is the freedom you’ll have to entertain outside. Fire pits are becoming increasingly common as more and more people use them as a way to keep the party going outdoors.

Rather than tucking your fire pit away out of sight or tacking it on somewhere as an afterthought, make it the focal point of your outside space. Any fire pit acts as a natural gathering area, and the heat also allows you to remain outside when you’d otherwise be uncomfortably cold.

If you love dinner parties that spiral into outdoor gatherings, take things up a notch with a fire pit to act as the centrepiece of your decking.


6) Ceiling Fan

Are you lucky enough to have a covered decking or patio space out in the yard? If so, and depending on the climate, you might want to consider adding a ceiling fan to make your guests even more comfortable.

The thought of heading to sit in the garden doesn’t seem so intimidating when it’s covered and equipped with a fan. You’ll be able to use your outdoor space year-round if you invest in climate control. Other options include portable smart AC units if you like the idea of controlling the temperature on your smart phone.


7) Oversized Dining Table

If you have a larger family or you frequently host substantial gatherings, you’ll need a dining table to comfortably accommodate all those guests. A supersized dining table is just as effective a hub out in the yard as it is in the kitchen. Luckily, this year you’ll be spoiled for choice, since dramatic tables are the order of the day.

If you haven’t yet started revamping your outdoor furniture, it’s not a bad idea to start with the dining table. That way, you’ll see exactly how tall the chairs will need to be, and you can coordinate other furniture based on the look of the table.

What to Do Next

The most important element of kitting out your garden with furniture is taking the time to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes you want. Focus purely on what you need rather than wasting your budget on non-essentials. Buy the best quality furniture you can without overcommitting yourself financially.

Once you’re clear about your goals, keep some of the above pointers in mind and you’ll be able to create an outdoor space that’s the perfect extension of your home.


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