25 Clever Bedroom Storage Hacks and Solutions


Does your home seem to get smaller every time you move? In all reality it probably is—a recent study commissioned by CommsSec found the average floor size of an Australian home is at a 20-year low.

Unfortunately, as we get older and move about more, our possessions seem to grow in size and number. I remember when all my worldly belongings would easily fit in the back of my dad’s trusty Holden Commodore. But that’s no longer the case.

Sound familiar?

Whether it a child’s bedroom, a small studio apartment, a city centre loft or just a compact house, our innovative tips can help you maximise your living space.

Our top 25 clever bedroom storage hacks and solutions will save you from having to dump those items you previously thought you couldn’t keep.

Here goes!

1. Stack ‘Em Up High with Perimeter Shelves

One of the biggest areas of wasted space in your bedroom is that 12-inches or a foot below the ceiling. Most people rarely think of putting shelves so high that you can’t easily reach them.

A shelf running around the perimeter of your room can add plenty of storage space for those less used items. It could be your swimming trophies from college days, books you rarely read but can’t throw away, and the odd trinket or two. Just be careful if you have cats, they also love high shelves to assert their dominance.

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2. Tidy Up All Those Cables with Some Binder Clips

Your mobile devices may look smaller and sleeker than ever before—unless you go for the ever-growing iPhone—but they all still need bulky chargers and numerous power cables. You would be amazed by how much space they take up if you collected all your cables together in one place.

When they are all tangled up on your bedside cabinet or desk, they can just look very cluttered. A few binder clips on the back of a desk can be a simple storage hack that keeps your cables organised and taking up much less space.

Other ideas for saving space with chargers can be to make your own DIY charging box. Something as simple as a spectacle case could be adapted to hold all the cables, with a few well placed drilled holes allowing the adapters to connect to a socket. You could even take it with you on the go for less clutter in smaller hostel or hotel rooms.

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3. Adding a Clothes Rack In an Unused Corner

Getting rid of that Hawaiian shirt from college days, or those summer frocks that don’t fit anymore would certainly be a good way to increase your closet space. However, that shirt may come back into fashion, or maybe you’ll fit that frock next summer—why throw away “perfectly good” clothes?

Unfortunately, as your clothes collection grows, your closet doesn’t. An unused corner of the room is an ideal place to hang a clothes rail, maybe underneath a couple of corner surrounding shelves. Hey presto, an impromptu closet, and it’s almost a walk in—sort of!

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4. Storing Those Extra Shoes

Do you have more shoes than Imelda Marcos ever owned? (The famous Filipino dictator’s wife who was said to own over 3000 pairs of shoes when ousted from her palace, for our younger readers!) That’s okay when you have a huge palace to store them in.

Crown molding on your bedroom walls is a highly effective way of storing those larger shoe collections and showing off your prized heels. It works better with heels that will simply support themselves against the wall, making sure the shoe stays put. And best of all crown molding is very unobtrusive and will just blend in with the walls.

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5. Store it Close to Your Head! Headboards with Storage

If your bedroom is dominated by a larger bed, more bed than room, then why not see it as an opportunity to store things? Starting at the top of the bed, you will now find many headboard units which feature sliding out storage shelves from the side.

Ideal to store those bedtime books or magazines, spare light bulbs for the bedside lamp and other little knick-knacks you may want close by. I’m just waiting for a refrigerated headboard storage unit I could store a few tinnies in!

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6. Get Rid of That Space Consuming Laundry Hamper

Traditional laundry baskets or chests can take up a lot of your valuable floor space in the bedroom. Okay, it’s better than just throwing your clothes on the floor (teenage son take notice, please!), but there must be a more space efficient solution.

A hanging laundry hamper can be attached to a hook on the back of your bedroom door and free up that valuable floor space. No more excuses for boxers shoved under the bed!

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7. Use That Radiator as a Storage Shelf

If you live in an older house with radiators, you can’t really afford to lose them for those colder four or five months of the year. Covering a radiator with a shelving unit isn’t only aesthetically more pleasing but can also add to the safety of the room too.

Attached shelving at the side of the main radiator will also provide some valuable storage space. You can either DIY a radiator shelf or there is a wide choice of commercially produced covers available too. Just make sure you buy the right size with enough clearance of the radiator for safety.

8. Where to Store Your Yoga Mat

If you’ve ever rolled your yoga mat up and tried stuffing it under the bed, you’ll know how much space it can take up. It will certainly be too bulky to fit in most drawers and will be cumbersome in most closets.

One solution would be to install a narrow shelf which is just wide enough to accommodate your rolled up mat without it rolling off. A more innovative solution would be something like the Namaste Yoga Mat hanger which is a large bulldog-style clip that attaches to your door or wall.

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9. Purchase a Bed Frame with Fitted Drawers

The bed is probably going to be the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, taking up a large proportion of the floor space and potential storage space. It may be the most obvious of storage hacks to put drawers in your bed, but it is also among the best of hacks.

Storage beds with drawers underneath are nothing new, and many can feature as much storage as a decent sized dresser unit. You can use them to store your clothes, some work files or your entire media collection. You could even let your significant other have a say and use them too if they must!

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10. A Staircase and Bookcase in One

High shelving units can be a great idea, but how are you ever going to reach those items on the highest shelves? Surely you’re going to need a ladder or footstool somewhere, which is going to take up more space?

If you’re into DIY, it would be quite easy to build a tall shelving unit incorporating two steps to form a small stairway. Just looking on the internet you will find many projects. There are some which build bookcases that can actually go under the stairs if your loft apartment has a mezzanine level.

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11. Make Your Own DIY Platform Storage Bed

Similar to a bed frame with drawers, you can fashion your own storage bed using some drawer units you may already own. There are many websites which hack popular brands of furniture like IKEA to create stylish and efficient storage solutions.

As long as you don’t mind the extra height of your bed, you could raise it on top of a couple of deep two drawer chests for even more storage. All you need is a few screws, some imagination and a mattress to place on top.

12. Old Suitcases Can Be Recycled for A Bedside Table

We’re not talking the latest canvas cases you may have bought for your last Gold Coast holiday. Rather, the antique looking old solid suitcases which can add a stylish flair to your bedroom while offering more storage options.

With very little construction needed, you can use the suitcases to store those less often used items, maybe a winter blanket or some guest bedding. Stack the full suitcases in an orderly fashion to store the items and also gain a nightstand.

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13. Hide Your Trash Bin

It’s not the most appealing thing to look at in a bedroom, but a trash bin can be a useful way of collecting rubbish which accumulates in the room. A tilting cabinet is an ideal way to store the trash bin out of sight. The top of the cabinet provides yet another shelf for storing small items.

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14. Can You Really Fit a Desk in a Smaller Bedroom or Studio?

Sometimes you need a desk, or your child needs one in their room, but there doesn’t seem to be the floor space.

One idea is to get a fold-down desk that folds against the wall when not in use. Some more advanced fold downs have little storage drawers attached to keep paper in or your pens, pencils, and calculators.

If space is really limited in your bedroom, you could attach a desk the wall at the foot or side of your bed. This forgoes the need for an additional chair—perch yourself on the edge of the bed.

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15. Clear Some Space in the Closet with a Clever Tank Top Hanger System

Summertime is a great time to throw on a lightweight tank top for casual, but cool, attire. If you have a fair few tank tops, hanging them in the closet can take up too much space. Folding them to store on shelves can be a hassle.

Using a few of the shower curtain rings, you can attach several of them to a hanger for a DIY tank top storage system. Hang your tank tops on the shower curtain rings then place the hanger on the back of your bedroom door or a suitable hook.

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16. Store Your Jewellery on a DIY Display Board

This storage hack can also be an attractive decor feature for the room, depending on how nice your jewellery is. Cork boards make a great storage rack for your jewellery and will avoid your necklaces getting tangled up as they do when stuffed in a drawer or box.

Although a cork board may not look as stylish as some commercially available dresser top storage features, a gilded frame can transform it into a luxurious display board. Just don’t go exhibiting all your family heirlooms and pearls for potential thieves to see—leave those in the safe!

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17. Free Up Desk or Shelf Space and Hide Your Hard Drive

The beauty of modern external hard drives is that they are quite compact and super lightweight. Yet no matter how small your hard drive is, it’s still taking up some valuable space on your desk or countertop. The lightweight nature of modern hard drives means they are suitable to attach to the underside of a desk or shelf using Velcro.

Easy to attach and easier to pull away, you can also get small metal shelves which attach to the back of your display screen to store a hard drive.

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18. Storing Shoes Other Than Heels

The earlier hack using Crown molding may work great for high heels, but other shoes like sneakers, plimsolls or loafers won’t stay put too well. A wall full of well worn casual shoes isn’t going to look too attractive either!

A pegboard shoe rack attached to the back of your closet door or hung in a discreet corner of the room can be an ideal way of storing those shoes. If fitted correctly, a pegboard will be sturdy enough to guarantee your shoes don’t drop to the floor.

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19. No More Messy Piles of Sheets in Your Closets or Drawers

We all know what a pain those extra sheets can be to store in your bedroom. If not folded correctly, they can easily fall off shelves in the closet or get scrunched up in drawers.

One of the most simple hacks we have looked at is to fold the sheets up and then place them under your mattress for storage. Placed at the foot of the bed you won’t even feel them, and the weight of the mattress will keep them folded, scrunch-free.

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20. Free Up More Floor Space with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves in a bedroom is a great way of freeing up floor space without compromising on the natural light which flows through the room. They can make the space look larger without the need for clumsy wall brackets.

You can DIY floating shelves or get a kit of prefabricated wall shelves which attach with a stud and a screwdriver.

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21. Organise Your Closet with a Pull Out Pants Rack

A great way to increase the storage space in your closet is to invest in a pants rack hanger system. Why waste half of your clothes rail on your collection of work pants?

Have them custom built by a trained carpenter or you can buy wardrobes which already have them fitted. They will help keep the creases out of your pants while also freeing up hanger space. Failing that, you could invest in a pant hanger which can hang up to five pairs of pants, although they are not as easy to access as a rack.

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22. Use a Pegboard as a DIY Wall Organiser

Traditionally found in workshops or many tool sheds, a pegboard can also be an attractive bedroom storage feature. Clean one up, paint it and attach it to the wall with a few screws. You can store almost anything on them.

You will be able to find a wide assortment of rods, metal baskets and hooks so you can tailor the pegboard to your specific storage needs.

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23. Hang a Bicycle From The Ceiling

For years, people have been screwing racks to their walls to hold their bicycle when not in use. If your condo doesn’t have a basement where you can store your bicycle they can take up a lot of space.

Ideal for loft-style city dwellings, that unused air space is just crying out to be used. You could even install a stylish pulley system to lower the bike for those impromptu rides. And it will be a talking point when friends visit.

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24. Use Old Drawers for a DIY Bookcase

If you are one of those who hates DIY shelving, an alternative solution is to recycle old dresser drawers. Looking around car boot sales or Craigslist you could pick up the basic framework of a shelving system for a knockdown price.

Screw to the wall in an arrangement which best suits your space and you have an efficient set of storage units. These are useful for your books, video games collection or even the odd ornaments or vase.

25. Use the Back Wall of Your Closet

We finish these tips with one of the most simple and often overlooked spaces—the area behind your clothes rail in a closet. Putting a few hooks on that back wall of the closet you can hang a few purses, clutch bags, messenger bags or even a coat.

It’s best to use the hooks for occasional items, as getting to them will mean pushing through your clothes every time. However, the back wall of the closet can be used for virtually anything you hang from a hook.

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Go Store—The Take-Home Message

There are so many hacks you can use to increase the storage capacity of smaller homes and bedrooms. Many ideas can be found easily online.

We hope you have enjoyed our top 25 storage hacks and solutions, and that it encourages you to look for more ways to maximise your storage space.

Please feel free to leave a comment with any hacks you may want to share too. If the infamous 6-foot chef Grayson Altenberg can live in a micro-apartment just 100 square feet in size, I’m sure we can all find ways to store things in our smaller bedrooms.